Safe Property Investment in Yalova with OmranTRK

Here are the top tips for buying a property in Turkiye,  ensuring your safest investment!

After Turkey has become a major destination for investors and those interested in the real estate market in Turkey, especially in the  Yalova city, it is highly important to be prepared and to take cautions. OmranTRk provides you with some tips that must be taken before buying a property in Turkey.

The first advice is to ask about the real owner or real seller of the property, or to buy directly from the owners and the constructor company of the project.

 In this regard, "OmranTrk" company is considered the construction company with the best projects in Yalova and gained a great reputation  between its customers and new dealers, as they confirm the excellent service provided by the company staff, helping them and shortening their effort and time.

It is not only that customers testify to the successes offered by the “OmranTrk” real estate company, the company also receives the attention of the Turkish local authorities in the state and even the Turkish residents of the state.

Another advice is to ensure the existence of a "real estate appraisal", which is an important developmental measure, just as the law on granting citizenship to those who own a property worth 450 thousand dollars, which confirms Turkey's keenness on the real estate sector.

The "real estate appraisal" document includes a detailed explanation and all the information, legal checks, real estate registry information, information related to the location of the property and the surrounding transportation network, and specifications related to the technical, structural and physical field, in addition to including a summary of the process of investigation and research in the real estate market, and the factors affecting the property valuation.

Another important tip is to complete the procedures of buying the property and obtaining the "Tabu", your ownership document. 

OmranTrk company, which has become a source of confidence for many Turkish and foreigners, in addition of being a source of confidence for its customers, does follow up all these procedures with its customers obtaining the property online from the first step, which is the inspecting of the property, up to the last stages and obtaining the Tabu, the ownership document.

Other advice is to ensure that the properties and data registered in the bond matches the  property.

 Also, it is advised to verify that there are no restrictions or any reservation signs on the property. “OmranTrk” confirms to those wishing to invest their money in the real estate sector in Turkey, the need of obtaining the Tapu (the title deed), to be free from any problems.

Another important tip is to check the type of title deed of the property, and to have it ready to be handed to the customers, not forgetting to verify the type of property allocation (residential or rental).

"OmranTrk" explains the types of "Tabu" in Turkey as the following: agricultural title deeds, building bonds, real estate easement bonds, floor easement, full title deeds, housing approval, transitional title deeds, joint real estate registry, and commercial real estate title.

One of the most prominent tips is to consult a real estate expert to obtain the best offers and investment advice when buying and selling.

In this regard, the OmranTrk team confirms that it is ready to respond to any inquiries related to providing advice to any investor willing to enter the real estate market in Turkey or in Yalova city.

OmranTrk is considered one of the leading companies in providing the best "real estate Projects", in addition to providing all services, from inquiring about the status of the property to owning and granting the title deed (Tabu).

OmranTrk company, located in the center of western Turkey in Yalova, is one of the companies that seek to guarantee the right of the foreign investor (and of any other nationality) and guarantee his right to own a property free of any legal problems (current and future).

“OmranTrk” is distinguished by its commitment to the laws and decisions issued by the Turkish government, and for this reason, the “real estate appraisal report” is considered one of the basic supporting documents that it is keen to extract and handle to its clients, and that it is also keen to keep its slogan “Safe Investment in heaven of Earth.”

OmranTrk has acquired great experience in the real estate market since its establishment in 2016, and has earned the confidence of the authorities and the government responsible for regulating the real estate sector in Yalova.

Since its establishment in 2016, OmranTrk Real Estate Company has raised the slogan “Safe Investment in the heaven of earth”, to be the beginning with successful projects that caught the attention of investors and businessmen from various Arab countries, most notably the “Cennet Yalova” project.

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