Invest in Yalova Real Estate: Prime Location, Stunning Views

The city of Yalova, located in northwestern Turkey, is one of the most important Turkish cities where Gulf investors are drawn to real estate ownership, whether for the purpose of permanent residence, obtaining Turkish citizenship, or for the purpose of investing in the real estate sector in Turkey.

Although the city of Yalova is considered a small tourist city, it maintains an important position among the important Turkish cities that Gulf investors prefer to buy real estate in.

In 2019, Turkey's Yalova ranked fifth on the list of Turkish cities where foreigners buy the largest number of properties, with 1,696 homes, according to Turkish sources.

There are many reasons why Gulf Arabs agree to buy real estate in Yalova, Turkey, including the fact that Yalova is close to the most important cities in Turkey such as Istanbul, Kocaeli, and Bursa, and is one hour away from Sabiha Gokcen Airport. It is characterized by its charming nature and prominent tourist and historical landmarks, and for this reason it attracts the attention of investors. M Gulf and Middle Eastern countries.

If we go back a little, we would find that many residential apartments in the center of the Turkish city of Yalova were purchased by Arab investors.

Citizens of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, and Iraq top the list of buying apartments and lands, as investors prefer luxury apartments and villas in the city.

In 2022, the Turkish city of Yalova ranked fourth on the list of cities preferred by foreigners to buy real estate in, after Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya.

The city of Yalova has become a center of attraction for investors wishing to buy real estate, and has become the focus of attention of investors, especially Gulf Arabs, due to its strategic location and government interest in it at all levels.

In addition to all of this, the main factors that make Gulf investors prefer to own real estate in Yalova are the climate and natural conditions, as it is located in a place where green and blue meet, which Arabs cannot find in their countries, in addition to the fact that housing prices are more acceptable. Compared to cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara and İzmir.

For many tourists, Yalova is considered an attractive tranquil place, in addition to being one of the places that tourists go to to escape the noise and pollution occurring in major cities.

Considering that Yalova has become an important destination for investors, in addition to the increasing government interest in it, the real estate sector is considered one of the most prominent sectors that attract the attention of investors amid assurances from experts in this field that investment in this sector within the city of Yalova will return to its owner with great gains, given the continued rise in Real estate prices and thus achieve more profits.

Turkish Yalova is characterized by being one of the fastest growing and developing cities in Turkey, which is why it has attracted many investors to buy real estate in it. After Yalova was a small area in Istanbul, it has today become a fast-paced city in Turkey that enjoys rich natural resources in addition to beautiful views of the sea and land, which... The volume of investments in it, especially in the real estate sector, has increased significantly in recent years because of its many advantages.

It must be drawn to the fact that one of the preferred real estate sectors in Yalova is its lands, as the investor can choose between apartments and villas and invest in lands, and this is one of the biggest advantages of investing in Yalova.

What increases the investment importance of Yalova is the Osman Gazi Bridge, which is the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world, as it extends over the Sea of Marmara, connecting the states of Kocaeli and Yalova, shortening the travel time between the cities of Izmir and Istanbul from eight and a half hours to only three and a half hours, and thus shortening the distance. Noticeably between Istanbul and the city of Yalova.

The construction of the bridge in recent years has increased the interest of investors in buying real estate in Yalova, because as we mentioned, with this bridge it is very easy to move from Istanbul to Yalova in a short time.

Many Turkish sources confirm that the city of Yalova is witnessing an increase in its investment value in terms of location in addition to large-scale transportation projects, which foretells the growth of tourism and investment in various sectors.

It is expected that the importance of the city of Yalova as an investment region will increase in the next few years, especially after the intention of a number of industrial investors to transfer their investments to that region.

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