Investing in commercial units in Turkey

Investing in commercial units in Turkey considered a safe investment, provides stable income, and preserves the value of your investments in the long term. Rather, you will gain additional value over time.

Investing in commercial units is witnessing a large demand from investors, as it is one of the best means of trade that can generate good profits for investors, if the appropriate and most vibrant commercial markets chosen well. Looking at the Turkish market, we note that Turkey’s markets in general are prosperous and promising markets, and are in rapid development, and investing in commercial stores is a promising investment and has a promising future in parallel with the eye-catching renaissance in the Turkish market in general.

What are the advantages of business investment in Türkiye?

Real estate are considered one of the safest sectors for investment, as real estate of all types does not lose its value

Rather, it may gain additional value over time, as happens in real estate under construction, where the price is at its lowest level at the beginning of the project, and then store prices increase later after its completion.

Therefore, we notice the constant demand from investors for real estate investment. Because it is a less risky investment than other investments. After Turkey turned into a gateway that attracted investments and economic businesses from the East and West, it became a destination for those searching for distinguished centers to launch commercial and investment activities.

How do I start investing in commercial units in Türkiye?

Perhaps one of the first important things that you should think about is the importance of the chosen location and transportation for your project. If your project is a retail store or a project that provides services to the public, and there is a high demand

Criteria for choosing a store/shop location: You must think carefully when searching for your new store about the following matters:

1. First, choose the city

2. The liveliness of the commercial area. We recommend that the commercial store be located in a central area crowded with pedestrians

3. Consider the success of similar projects in that location

4. The site must be close to main roads

5. We recommend that the commercial store be located near the city center, and that it be within a luxury residential complex to serve the residents of the complex and the place itself, especially if the nature of the commercial activity is an agent for an international brand.

6. The proximity of the commercial store to transportation and public streets. If your project depends on transportation, you must choose a location that is easy to move from and reach.

7. The location must be close to service facilities. Some important facilities dispensed when choosing a commercial store, the most important of which are: that there be internal or external parking near the commercial store.

Sometimes investing in shops in Turkey considered more important than investing in residential apartments

For several reasons, including:

1. Long-term rental return. Usually the rental period ranges from 5 to 10 years

2. In resale, the profit return is greater, specifically in new residential areas and residential complexes

3. Repairs and decoration are usually borne by the tenant, unlike residential apartments

In addition, by investing in shops, you can obtain Turkish citizenship within the conditions of citizenship

4. Options are always limited in stores regarding display. For example, a residential complex such as Cennet Yalova has 144 apartments and only 8 stores.

5. Long-term rental return

What makes investing in commercial units in Yalova, Turkey, encouraging?

The large amount of foreign capital that has pumped into Turkey recently is tangible evidence of the increasing rates of commercial confidence in the promising Turkish economy, in encouraging the commercial sector and the influx of investors searching for shops and warehouses for sale in Turkey. It is known that the real estate market can get sick, but it does not die, as investing in the real estate market is a profitable option in the long term, whether by renting, or even in terms of the increase in the value of shops day after day. One of the types of real estate that is always considered a winning card is shops in Turkey, where investment in shops often outperforms investment in residential apartments. The treatment of foreign and Turkish investors by the government with the same laws, with great facilities for foreign investors, makes commercial investment a good opportunity for those wishing to make safe investments. Anyone interested in investing in a commercial unit/store in Turkey can find the best option to buy an office, shop, or any commercial property

The person looking for a shop in Turkey can search for his ideal choice, at a very reasonable price, taking advantage of our various options, as the prices of shops in Yalova within the Cennet Yalova project start from $133,350.

This project is distinguished by its proximity to the city center and is located at the entrance to the city and serves the complex itself

Not to mention that the complex is located near a number of other buildings. The popularity of Yalova’s tourist markets and the density of its visitors

It makes it a preferred destination for many people wishing to invest in shops, in addition to a high demand by tourists and visitors. Because of its diversity between commercial centers, malls, and vibrant markets; It combines the pleasure of shopping with modernity and great development, in addition to ancient and ancient popular markets saturated with history, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Commercial real estate in the city of Yalova, Turkey, affiliated with Omran Trk, is a full-service project consisting of 144 residential units and 8 shops of various sizes, and some of these shops have a sea view. These shops are suitable for many investments, such as cafes, restaurants, or other services, in addition to the distinctive location of the shops at the entrance. The main city. Which serves the complex in addition to the region itself because there are no competitors in many fields. If you are interested in commercial investment, contact us.

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