MUSIAD... the Association of Financial and Investment Men and the most prominent economic supporter of Turkey

Described as one of the largest business empires around the world, and one of Turkey's economic faces internally and externally. Also described as "Turkey's economic and investment bridge to the world". It is the Turkish Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists "MUSIAD".

In this article, the "OmranTRK" company, which recently joined the association, represented by its chairman, "Abdulaziz Al-Kashef", answers various questions related to the history of the "MUSIAD" association and the most important goals and plans it is working on in the world of finance, business, investment and the economy in its various sectors.

History of the business association "MUSIAD"

"MUSIAD" was established in Istanbul, on May 9, 1990, by a group of businessmen, and since that time it has raised the slogan "high morals, high technology”.

Since its beginnings, it affirmed its endeavor to encourage Turkish businessmen to expand their business outside Turkey, in addition to providing opportunities to develop themselves and establish partnerships with international organizations outside their country.

Since its establishment, "MUSIAD" has received sponsorship and political support from Necmettin Erbakan, who embraced and supported the group, especially during his tenure as prime minister (1996-1997).

To achieve this goal, and in 2002, the youth branch of the association was established to train young businessmen, prepare them for life and share their experiences.

Hundreds of businessmen among its ranks

And because the “MUSIAD” businessmen association is one of the largest, most important, and most successful economic conglomerates, it, according to official Turkish media sources, includes 10,000 Turkish businessmen and 60,000 companies that employ nearly 1.8 million employees and workers and operates through 89 representative offices throughout Turkey, in addition to 225 contact points and advisory services in 95 countries around the world.

The association aims, according to the same official sources, to provide more opportunities for women entrepreneurs by creating more job opportunities, training, and developing entrepreneurship for them through the women's branch of the association, which has 220 members. “MUSIAD” also confirms that its goal is to contribute to the development of individuals and institutions, state and society, technology and science, economics and politics, in addition to the culture and society in the Middle East and the world.

MUSIAD offers a reliable and wide business network through its various branches in Turkey, meeting points and its representative branches abroad.

MUSIAD and the Turkish economy

MUSIAD pays great attention to the world of finance, business and investment in Turkey with the aim of contributing to the growth and success of the economy. Many sources interested in the economic sector confirm that "MUSIAD" is the largest contributor to Turkish foreign investments, which were estimated at about $40 billion between 2000 and 2017, according to a report issued by the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK).

In the same context, sources within " MUSIAD " pointed out that the annual contribution to the Turkish gross national product will reach $200 billion by the members and affiliates of the " "MUSIAD Association" by 2023, through achieving the economic vision and encouraging production in all 81 Turkish cities through rational solutions.

In order to push the wheel of the economy, "MUSIAD" helps its affiliates, especially owners of small and medium enterprises, in achieving their commercial goals aimed at achieving more profits, through their participation in studies, research, and successful commercial experiences in various fields, which are necessary to raise production efficiency. It also established the "MUSIAD's Youth Council" and the "MUSIAD's Entrepreneurship Center", with the aim of enhancing the role of youth in the business sector, developing their contributions, and encouraging entrepreneurship.

The association performs its social role, with the aim of helping and serving the Turkish society to the fullest, and its assistance and societal contributions reach beyond the borders of Turkey. According to several sources, "MUSIAD" contributes 18% of Turkey's gross national product, which is equivalent to 147.6 billion dollars in 2013, as the Turkish gross national product reached 820.2 billion dollars.

Earlier in the year 2021, the South African branch of the Turkish Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association "MUSIAD" announced the intention of 500 businessmen from the African country to invest in Turkey during the next three years.Musiad, as one of Turkey's leading business associations, had first contact with South African businessmen in the early 1990s, when the country's "apartheid regime" began to collapse.

"MUSIAD" confirms that it is working to attract businessmen from South Africa, by providing many facilities and introductory offers on investment opportunities, pointing to the desire of 500 businessmen to invest in Turkey during the next three years.

In mid-November 2021, a delegation from the Turkish Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists "MUSIAD" arrived in the Afghan capital, Kabul, and discussed there with the Acting Minister of Industry and Trade in the Taliban government, Noureddin Azizi, investment and commercial cooperation opportunities. During the same period, the workers of the 25th International Business Forum (IBF) Conference kicked off in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, which is described as the "Pearl of Asia", amid wide international participation from the business world.

The conference was held under the auspices of the Turkish Association of Independent Industrialists and Businessmen "MUSIAD", until November 17, in cooperation with the International Business Forum and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (KOBİA).

Economic fairs at a high degree of importance

Periodically, the "MUSIAD" association works to set up an opposition that brings together Arab and foreign investors, economists, and businessmen from different countries around the world, in support of investment and the rising Turkish economic development.

And the latest activities that it carried out, which coincided with the "war of independence for the Turkish economy" announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is the launch of the work of the fourth edition of the "Visioner 2021" conference, for businessmen and academics in Turkey, which was held in Istanbul, with the presence of many among the important Turkish figures, including the Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology, in addition to important economic figures and businessmen, including "Abdulaziz Alkashef", Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "OmranTRK" company.

The conference, which is organized every two years, discusses economic and social changes in Turkey and the world, and is scheduled to also discuss issues related to climate and digital transformation, in addition to focusing on supporting the stability of the Turkish lira against hard currencies, especially the Dollar.

MUSIAD has also organized the “MUSIAD International Fair” every two years since 1993 in conjunction with the International Business Forum Conference, with the support of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Turkey.

This activity brings together participating businessmen and investors and presents new opportunities to achieve commercial cooperation and global partnerships. This activity is organized on a global level thanks to the exhibition spaces available to participants from within Turkey, Asia, Europe, Africa and the various Turkish republics.

And last year, “MUSIAD” organized the “MUSIAD Expo 2020” exhibition in 10 halls and 70,000 square meters, with the participation of more than 40,000 local and foreign companies from 24 different sectors. The fair hosted nearly 100,000 visitors, in addition to millions of visitors through the Internet, by using the virtual "Hybrid" method, and in addition to Turkish businessmen and businessmen from around the world, led by the Middle East and North Africa, participated in the most important and largest economic event.

MUSIAD also held the twenty-fourth conference of the International Business Forum, which was established by the MUSIAD Association in 1995 as an international platform for businessmen, under the title “Economy Virus: Coexistence with Covid 19 and the continuity of economic life”, where economists and researchers discussed the impact of the virus on global trade. They also referred to industries that are expected to thrive after Covid-19.

A move in line with Erdogan's directives

In conjunction with the war that the Turkish lira is facing from several parties aimed at destabilizing it, and in conjunction with the continuous efforts and moves led by President Erdogan, the Business and Investment Association "MUSIAD" hastened to stand with its full weight in the face of those trying to undermine the Turkish economy. Following the recovery of the Turkish lira against the dollar, after the lira crossed the barrier of 18 Turkish Lira per dollar, it rebounded to reach about 10.5 Turkish Lira per dollar.

Because the unprecedented decline of the lira led to an increase in prices in a number of Turkish cities, President Erdogan called on merchants, shop owners, and companies to reduce prices due to the improvement of the lira, and taking into account the conditions of the Turkish street in the light of the repeated economic shocks.

For its part, "MUSIAD" launched a campaign entitled "Come to Turkey now, it is the time of discounts", following the remarkable recovery of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies.

"MUSIAD", called the local businessmen to reduce the prices of goods in markets, stressing that they will announce the names of all businessmen and institutions that have reduced their products in conjunction with the recovery of the lira. "MUSIAD" confirmed that it will show its determination to combat inflation by announcing all the members of "MUSIAD" who took responsibility and reduced the prices of their goods and products in conjunction with the decline in the exchange rate and pressure on costs.

"OmranTRK" and its relationship with "MUSIAD"

"MUSIAD" constantly seeks to include the most important business and investment men, in addition to successful companies, in its ranks. In this regard, and in early November 2021, the Arab businessman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "OmranTRK" Company, Abdulaziz Al-Kashef, joined the Turkish Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists "MUSIAD", in a ceremony attended by a number of Arab and Turkish businessmen, and local officials including the governor of Yalova Muammar Erol, along with several NGO executives.

OmranTRK was able to leave its mark on the Turkish community within a short period of its launch, with the testimony of a number of Arab and even Turkish personalities.

On December 23, 2021, OmranTRK Company participated in the opening ceremony of the fourth edition of the “Visionaire 2021” conference, which is dedicated to businessmen and academics in Turkey, organized by "MUSIAD".

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