OmranTRK explains the advantages of investing in tourist real estate in Turkiye

Owning real estate is the first step of settling. Therefore, the ideal location and complete amenities are among the most important characteristics of real estate for those wishing to buy a property in Turkiye.

Those who are interested in the real estate market in Turkiye and those who want to buy a property for investment purposes can invest in the tourist rental real estate, which provides good returns and reduces property exhaustion, as the house is rented for a few months throughout the year, but in a higher price.

"Tourism Real Estate Investment" is described as " an Investment under real estate sector, where all real estate designed to serve tourists, and these properties are usually built in touristic cities near monuments and financial and business centers, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, malls, and entertainment venues, besides hotel apartments and chalets."

And the difference between investing in tourist real estate and investing in the ordinary residential or commercial sector is:

  • High financial return.
  • Tourism investment projects whose financial returns are in US dollars, not the local currency (Turkish Lira).
  • some buildings can be classified within tourist real estates, such as the houses designated for annual rent and the summer houses by the sea and chalets.
  • Hotels and hotel apartments are the best tourism real estate investments.
  • Tourist real estate includes all buildings used to serve in places where there are many tourists, such as restaurants, cafes, and resting areas, which receive visitors during their trips between cities and provide them with all services related to food and drink and provide them with the required comfort.
  • Tourist real estate includes a series of international hotels, whose branches are spread all over the world, markets and malls also are included within the tourist real estate, as one of the most tourist real estate projects, which is very popular with visitors at various times of the year.

 Businessmen wishing to enter the investment sector can find in Turkiye a range of opportunities for establishing various types of projects, especially in the tourism sector.

 The presence of large tourist and commercial cities such as Istanbul, Yalova, Antalya, and others, includes all the tourist components that the tourist wishes to visit, besides the availability of a network of vital transportation covering most of the city and diverse transport lines on land and at sea, besides that, more diversity in Turkish customs and traditions, which are very similar to the customs and traditions of the Arabs, are among the most important factors that encourage investment in tourist real estate in Turkiye.

Other types of real estate investment in Turkiye:

Commercial investment

is the acquisition of several retail units that are used to sell a specific type of product or provide a set of tangible services or other intangible technical services.

Quick profit real estate investment

purchasing a group of units in growing cities and major cities in Turkiye, in which investment projects are expected to be provided soon.

Real estate investment is always profitable

investors can profit continuously and not stop at a certain limit, which is something that distinguishes many investment areas in Turkiye, which are closely linked to sites that come close to universities or the city center and other vital areas, so renting is the best example of investment Real estate is always profitable.

Long-term real estate investment

By investing in agricultural land, an investment that requires patience and adherence to specific standards, on top of which the land is not far from major cities.

Among the most prominent advantages of tourism investment in Turkiye:

Ease of trading, no need for free time or commitment, as buying a property in Turkiye does not require constant follow-up by the owner or the investor, besides other advantages, including lower real estate prices in Turkiye, which is the real opportunity for buyers, given the presence of many emerging companies, pumping billions of dollars into Turkish real estate and other sectors.

It is noteworthy that investing in tourist real estate in Turkiye is the most profitable, especially after the Turkish government encourages tourism and investment and provides forms of support to foreign investors.

"OmranTRK" company, headquartered in Yalova city, can provide all the golden advice to those interested in the tourism real estate sector to serve its clients and investors.

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