OmranTrk explains the most prominent benefits of buying real estate in Yalova

There are many benefits and privileges that the investor or anyone else who wants to own a property in "Yalova" will obtain, especially since "Yalova" has become an important tourist and investment destination for many.

"Yalova" is distinguished by the most distinctive real estate projects, between these successful projects come the projects of "OmranTrk" company, including the "Cennet Yalova" project, characterized by its strategic location and its typical residential units.

The strategic location and the proximity of "Yalova" city to major tourist cities such as Istanbul, made it an important tourist compass and a factor of attraction and luxury, even more benefits for those who want to buy a property in "Yalova" because the value of this property will increase well in return.

One of the benefits of buying real estate in "Yalova" is that the outer investor can buy a luxury residential unit with high specifications of luxury furniture, marble cladding, luxurious decorations, car parking areas, and luxury social spaces such as gardens, swimming pools, health resorts, gyms, and children's playgrounds. In addition to social halls, restaurants, and shops within any of the residential complexes on which "OmranTrk" operates and works.

The real estate investment in "Yalova" is a long-term investment, with many financial facilities that help the investor to choose the most appropriate financing option that is suitable for their situation, providing them with the best investment option suitable for them with simple and safe facilities in the real estate field.

One of the benefits of buying residential in "Yalova" is obtaining residency, especially real estate residency, then any investor or owner of a property in "Yalova" can apply for Turkish citizenship, after owning the property, they and their entire family are entitled to enjoy full rights over this real estate.

Unlike many other tourist places, "Yalova" has important features that make it at the forefront of the places chosen by tourists from different Arab and Western countries, it is an important city appreciated by many investors wishing to own residential units inside Turkey.

One of the benefits of buying real estate in Yalova is that the city offers those wishing to live and settle in the city a comparative advantage when it comes to comfort and on a budget living that suits everyone's income.

Another benefit of buying real estate in Yalova is the safe and reliable investing environment, as owning property in all Turkish cities, including Yalova, is subject to the same laws enjoyed by citizens.

Yalova is considered one of the areas in which the real estate market is active, and because it is one of the distinguished tourist areas, it is one of the places where many are looking for a house to rent, either for the summer vacation or to conduct medical, winter or historical tourism, where real estate is booked in advance of every year by tourists outside Turkey, which brings a strong financial income to real estate owners, and this is one of the benefits of buying real estate in Yalova.

All of this means that the property in Yalova provides investors with rental income throughout the year with prices rising from year to year, capital appreciation is also an important factor for long-term investments in the area and another distinct benefit.

No one denies that the property in  "Yalova" is an excellent investment for money value, but it is not only related to its properties but also thanks to its ideal climate for those who are looking for a quiet and healthy life, with its location near Istanbul, which is about an hour away, in addition to Excellent transportation links, as it has a modern and developed transportation network, therefore it is possible to move from one place to another easily, in addition to its hot springs, all of that is making owning a property in Yalova preferred by Arab and foreign investors as well as buyers.

The city of "Yalova" has received a high demand from Arab investors, due to its location overlooking the sea and green spaces, and for this, the Turkish government pays great attention to that region to make it a destination for all investors and businessmen from various Arab countries and Western countries, giving them the necessary facilities to launch their projects.

It is noteworthy that "Yalova" includes a range of international brand stores for shopping needs, and since it is a growing city, shopping centers will be part of the city's future especially as its population continues to grow.

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