OmranTRK explains to its clients the steps of owning real estate in Turkey via online

Those wishing to buy a residential unit in Turkey can now implement this matter with ease and ease by implementing the process of real estate ownership online, saving a lot of effort and time for clients and investors.

Many clients who have dealt with professional companies, such as OmranTRK, describe that the process of buying a property in Turkey has become an innovative method.

OmranTRK assures its clients that Turkish law allows foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey remotely, without the need to attend in person, through guaranteed legal procedures .

Many factors contributed to reviving the sale of real estate in Turkey via the Internet, on top of them is the preventive measures against the spread of the Coronavirus, which led to the suspension of flights to and from Turkey, and the presence of significant restrictions on roaming and the work of many institutions and companies due to the fight against the spread of Corona.

In this article, "OmranTRK" explains to its clients the most important steps needed to buy a property in Turkey online.

Steps to buying a property "online"

The first stage

Direct communication by the customer with one of the customer service representatives in the company selling the property, in order to get acquainted with the details and features related to the desired property, in terms of the purpose of the purchase, the number of rooms, spaces and the preferred view.

The second stage

Projects presentation stage, where the customer can see all the details of the residential unit - complex through a virtual tour that allows viewing all the details of the property.

The third stage

It is the stage of choosing the housing unit, during which the company sends, through its customer service representative, several models of housing units that include details of the area, view, and price for each model, so that the customer can choose the appropriate choice.

The fourth stage

It is the payment stage, as the company works to clarify the payment systems that are characterized by diversity and flexibility, whether cash payment systems (cash) or the installment payment system. This is what distinguishes "OmranTRK", which allows its customers to choose the most appropriate payment system.

The fifth stage

It is the stage of agreeing on any made amendments, as the client can discuss the desired changes to be made to the housing unit if there are reasons for the amendments and how to implement them.

Sixth stage

It is one of the important stages, during which the required property is inspected, through direct and visual communication between the client and a representative of the company.

The seventh stage

It is the stage of approving the price offer, during which the company sends the details of the agreed-upon price for the housing unit to be reviewed and approved.

Eighth stage

In this stage, known as the "contract signing" stage, the company sends a copy of the contracts for the purchase, in order to review and sign their terms.

The ninth stage

It is the stage of paying the first payment. During this stage, the customer transfers the value of the first payment of the agreed property value. At this stage, the competent company can assist in opening a bank account for the customer inside Turkey, or assist him in the direct transfer process from the country residing in it. And then sign the contract with the construction company that owns the property and send a copy of the contract to the client, thus becoming the actual owner of the property.

OmranTRK also points to its clients that, after being empowered by the client, it can provide follow-up services to transfer the title deed to him, and register the title deed in its name, in addition to its obligation to send copies of contracts and instruments that are signed directly to the buyer.

Other services provided by "OmranTRK"

  • Provide reliable periodic reports on the construction progress of the project.
  • Property management services: "renting, reselling, furnishing and equipping, maintenance."
  • Assisting in opening and installing utility meters.
  • Completion of legal transactions related to real estate residence in Turkey.
  • Follow up on the Turkish citizenship file by a lawyer specialized in this regard.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in Turkey in 2020, the "online" real estate ownership system has been started and without the need to attend the Land Registry Department, where the Real Estate Registry in Turkey launched a special website for the title deed called WEB TAPU, and the principle of work on this website is to complete transactions of the Tabu - title deed online.

According to sources interested in this field, the Turkish Statistical Institute documented the purchase of more than 100 thousand homes in Turkey via the Internet within only a month and a half after the adoption of the "Online Land Registry" law, and more than 351 thousand real estate transactions were completed during the mentioned period, as was Foreigners in Turkey have a share of online real estate sales of about $100 million.

Advantages of buying a property "online"

  • Special offers and exclusive discounts on residential units.
  • Saving accommodation and travel expenses to Turkey.
  • Gaining time to take advantage of limited opportunities, especially exchange rate differences.
  • Maintaining confidentiality and privacy in the purchasing process.

What has increased the demand for buying real estate in Turkey via the Internet, is the Turkish government's encouragement for this process and the provision of many facilities, such as money transfers through banks. As well as the desire of many buyers of foreign nationalities to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership.

A clear imprint of "OmranTRK" in "online" sales

OmranTRK was and still is one of the most important and strongest companies that have proven their existence and achieved unprecedented success in the field of selling real estate via the "online", especially during the Coronavirus pandemic that swept the countries of the world, including Turkey.

What helped OmranTRK to achieve this qualitative imprint, is the confidence of its customers, in addition to the quality of the projects it is working on, which has drawn the attention of many important personalities, in addition to investors and businessmen from various Arab and Western countries.

Continuously, OmranTRK's clients affirm their permanent trust in the company, and their admiration and praise for its projects, which they describe as "successful", in addition to the customers' admiration for all those in charge of the company.

And "OmranTRK" company located in "Yalova" in northwestern Turkey, and since its establishment in 2016, has raised the slogan "Successful Investment in the Paradise of the Earth", to be the beginning with successful projects that caught the attention of investors and businessmen from various Arab countries.

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