Real Estate Investment in Turkey: Opportunities and Advantages

"Real estate investment" in Turkey is one of the most prominent pillars that Arab and investors of different nationalities are drawn to these days, in conjunction with the many facilities provided by the Turkish government, which has contributed significantly to reviving this sector.

Real Estate Investment: The purchase of one or more properties to rent or resell after a time to achieve financial benefits against the amount invested. It has many features that attract investors depending on a set of factors affecting the property's value, its evaluation, and the value of the expected return on its investment, which is one of the ways to achieve a guaranteed profit.

Investment opportunities have increased significantly in the Turkish real estate sector, which has been considerably available to Arab and investors of different nationalities, contributing to Turkey's stability and clear progress in various economic, tourism, and political aspects. 

The statistics from Turkish authorities encourage real estate investment in Turkey, which talks about the recovery of the real estate sector on a monthly or annual basis.

Real estate investment steps in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey begins with critical initial steps that every investor must take care of to benefit the most from their properties and to make sure of their investment; these steps include:

  • Planning and knowing the legal basics for investing, selling, and buying real estate in Turkey.
  • Identify the most important investment areas in Turkey.
  • To choose the right real estate advisor.
  • To study the goals of investment and the financial return hoped to be achieved.
  • To choose between many real estate projects that suit the financial capabilities and investment ambition.
  • To invest in under-construction real estate projects regardless of the type of real estate project.
  • To Know the ideal value for real estate investment and how to invest yet obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • To monitor the factors affecting the Turkish real estate market.
  • To identify the future infrastructure projects that directly affect the real estate market.
  • To decide the investment strategy by defining the allocated budget and the period in which the investor wants to start making profits.
  • Knowing all the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey for foreigners is necessary.
  • Find out the right time to invest in Turkey.
  • To make the final decision and implementation.

Types of real estate investment

  1. Investing in under-construction real estate: It is considered one of the investments that enhance profit opportunities, as it is possible to achieve significant returns from real estate by buying a property in Turkey under construction and reselling it.
  2. Investing in an old property: buying and rebuilding old property, then selling it again.
  3. Investing in residential real estate: One of its advantages is that the property can still be resold at any time, and the property can be rented and achieve monthly profits.
  4. Investing in commercial real estate: It is a comfortable investment that does not need to be renewed, as the tenant does not want to change the shop's location after customers and clients know his address.
  5. Investment in agricultural real estate: is also considered among assessments with guaranteed profit opportunities.
  6. Investing in villas: It is considered one of the most essential and successful real estate investments, as it can be used to establish small companies, kindergartens, or health centers.

Advantages of real estate investment in Turkey

One of the most prominent advantages of investing in the real estate sector in Turkey is the return and guaranteed profits. The presence of many opportunities in the Turkish real estate sector, in addition to obtaining the right of Turkish residence, obtaining Turkish citizenship, the incredible support of the Turkish government and under the guidance of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, In addition to all that was mentioned, the real estate market in Turkey is an emerging market. It attracts the attention of businessmen and investors. There is also a growing demand for apartments, villas, and real estate.

Real estate investment in "Yalova"

The city of "Yalova" in northwestern Turkey is one of the most prominent destinations that have become the focus of investors' attention due to the many advantages it enjoys along with other Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa, and others.

"Yalova" is distinguished by its distinguished real estate projects, including the construction projects that the "OmranTrk" company is developing and the safe and reliable investment environment.

Owning real estate in all Turkish cities, including "Yalova", is subject to the same laws enjoyed by the local population.

Yalova is considered one of the areas in which the real estate market is very active, "Yalova" is one of the distinctive tourist areas and one of the places where many are looking for a house to rent for the summer vacation or to conduct medical, winter, or historical tourism, bringing a solid financial income to the city and real estate owners.

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OmranTrk explains the most prominent benefits of buying real estate in Yalova