The Pope's Visit to Türkiye: "A Trip I Want from My Heart"

The leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has sincerely expressed his desire to visit Türkiye.  The Pope received a delegation from the Greek Patriarchate of Fener on the occasion of the feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, which was celebrated in Rome.  In his speech, he mentioned that he wanted to go to Iznik for the 1700th anniversary of the First Council of Nicaea next year, and said: "This is a trip I want to take from my heart."

The Pope's visit aims to increase dialogue between the Muslim community and the Christian community and contribute to peace decrees in the region.  Türkiye's rich cultural heritage and interreligious tolerance reinforce this desire of the Pope.  While the Pope stressed the importance of “traveling together towards complete unity,” he said that dialogue between the churches does not pose any risks from the point of view of faith, but rather arises from loyalty to the Lord.

We, at Omran TRK, believe that this Pope’s visit will contribute positively to Turkey’s international image and will be beneficial in strengthening cultural and economic relations.  Similar to the Pope's visit in 2014, we believe that this visit has the potential to convey messages of peace and friendship to the region and we will follow up on this important visit.

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