"Decoration" is the art of interior design for apartments... "Yalova" as an example

What attracts the attention of investors and those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey is not only the development of the real estate sector or the distinctive urban development in various Turkish cities, but the distinction in the "decoration" of the housing units and the distinctive style of the apartments that are ready for housing or in the process of being furnished.

Turkish houses, according to the testimony of those interested in the real estate sector in Turkey, have become different houses, and the reason is the interior decorations that give them a distinctive elegance that increases the demand for investors to buy them because of their internal architecture.

Turkish interior designs have become different according to the skilled workers and according to the "engineers and interior designers" and other experiences in this field, in addition to the company supervising these designs and projects working on establishing them in Turkey.

The interior design of some of the apartments in Turkey is distinguished by the old Ottoman style, for example, or according to the style of Western countries, until the new interior designers developed a unique style that blends the rich Turkish heritage with contemporary designs.

In Turkey, there are many interior design companies interested in manufacturing innovative modern furniture, walls, or anything related to the apartment of all kinds of modern decorations and designs to be ready for housing.

The design and the decoration vary according to the property to be invested in. The design and decoration of a house or an apartment are different from the decoration of villas, and the decoration of offices is different from the decoration of restaurants or large malls, in addition, it differs according to the artistic touches of the designer or the decorator.

Basics of interior design and decoration

Those interested in the real estate sector, whether real estate in Turkey or in another country, describe “the art of decoration and interior design” as a broad science that varies from one society to another, as it is linked to cultures, studies, capabilities, customs, and traditions inherited or acquired through experiences and techniques that depend on creativity and the designer's innovation, successful design is the basis of any integrated artwork.

The "interior design of residential units" is also described as the art of planning, designing, and beautifying the spaces, and it is a set of designs designed to fill the interior space in buildings.

The interior design of the residential apartments in Turkey and other countries depends on many basics, most notably: taking into account modernity and comfort with classic design, taking care of simplicity, and avoiding complexity as much as possible, highlighting luxury by relying on many simple details that have a great impact on the residential house, in addition to focusing on the acquisition of appropriate pieces of furniture, taking into account the consistency and harmony between all pieces of furniture, while choosing a unified decor and harmonious colors that increase the beauty and vitality of the residential apartment or the entire project.

Types of Interior Urban Design


ِA design inspired by ancient designs dating back to the Greek era, characterized by consistency and coherence in its details.

Modern design

It is characterized by exploiting the spaces in the house to provide comfort for those wishing to stay long in the residential unit.

Contemporary design

The main feature of this design is that it is used in homes or homes with small spaces so that it works to make them have a spacious and comfortable image. The design is in harmony with the details of nature, as it works to abstract things in the house and to indicate their origin of them.

Rural style

This design is based on the old rustic character, where the designer adds details of rural life to all parts of the residential house.

The neo-classical style

It is one of the types of architectural styles, and it is the modern movement added by decorators to develop and modernize the classic style, by adding some touches and details combining luxury and simplicity.

Chebbi Chic

It is one of the forms types of interior design and architectural styles, distinguished by a special taste and splendor, a style that takes the antique furniture, which you may think is outdated, as broad lines in the design.

Upscale English style

The English style combines simple English countryside glimpses in terms of calm colors and a warm touch of wood with some classic details in engravings and soft lighting units, and the use of simple and luxurious furnishings.

Bohemian style

The Bohemian style is a freestyle that is free of any restrictions. It depends on the introduction of strong and explicit colors that are vibrant, and the use of artistic paintings and pillows with distinctive patterns. In this style, you can mix furniture and decorations from more than one country and different cultures.

Industrial design

It is a style similar to factory design, and it is a strong style in its design touches, stone and wood, and neutral colors such as black and gray are heavily involved in its design.

The calm Japanese Design

It is a distinctive style with refreshing details, full of calm and simplicity in its design, relying on wood and stone elements as basic elements in the design and choosing furniture with a somewhat low design, one of the most distinctive features of the Japanese Zen style is the idea of ​​openness between the interior design of the house and nature from the outside, and the use of clear glass touches and sliding doors.

Art Deco design

A design that combines different artistic touches from classic, popular and modern together, creating a sophisticated and distinctive blend of elegance and luxury in design, and depends on the blending of different elements in the design.

Interior decorations in Turkish homes

Turkish houses and apartments are distinguished by their interest in simple details that give remarkable beauty to the furniture and decor designed inside it, and among the most prominent of these details: attention to the long curtains extending from the ceiling of the room to the floor and be in the same color as the wall paint, to ensure a joyful atmosphere and the sense of a larger space for the interior.

Turks are also interested in "Plain and Flat" furniture with light colors that give the place space and breadth, in addition to relying on the use of uniform paint without any pattern or decorations on the walls of the rooms.

Among the other, most prominent features are the residential apartments in Turkey that depend on the use of more than one point of lighting in the rooms and from more than one angle, also Turks in their homes use “large wide mirrors” in more than one room, as they give a sense that the room is larger.

Real estate decorations in "Yalova" - Turkey

The apartments in the "Yalova" are distinguished by their modern architectural style, in addition to being designed with the finest geometric shapes, choosing the finest building materials and decorations, while ensuring large areas for apartments of all kinds.

All of these advantages are provided by OmranTRK through the projects that it is working on, whose apartments within the residential complexes contain large green spaces and lush gardens that make their residents feel that they are living in the lap of nature, not to mention the engineering design of decoration and furniture.

Another essential feature is that OmranTRK chose the interior designs of its residential complexes in a modern and elegant way, blending sophistication and simplicity while making use of all available spaces inside the apartment to meet all functional requirements with the most beautiful and simple appearance.

The “OmranTRK” company was keen that the designs of the living room in the “model apartment” conform to the latest trends of the year 2021, and the room was also divided into a seating area and a dining area, while not neglecting the bathrooms, equipped with everything necessary as well.

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