Offering A New Way Of Life Inside Residential Complexes, Cennet Yalova Compound As An Example

In the new world order, especially after the development of industry, the population in cities

increase, the change in people's lifestyles and the pandemic process in recent years.

Then people started to look for an alternative lifestyle for themselves.

In addition to the function of housing, the concept also provides services such as socialisation, security, privacy and accessibility.

It covers many needs. At this point, people start to focus on compound’s life.

Sites; housing quality residences, offering various facilities, security facilities.

As the concept and quality of the compounds increases, the services offered on the compound increase.

These services are aimed at ensuring the comfort of the residents. Compounds lifestyle , first

Although it emerged in western countries, in later periods, as well as in Turkey,

Asian countries such as India and China, Latin countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

It is also common in American countries and North African countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

There are many important factors in the spread of complexes in Turkiye.

There are factors. Some of them are;

  • A Land close to nature and with a mountain view, away from the centre of crowded cities quests,
  • Search for land with solid ground in cities in earthquake zones,
  • A place that is easily accessible to the city but can be separated from the city noise and crowds.
  • search for living space,
  • Security measures,
  • Facilities closed to the environment and offered only to a certain group of people

 The first emergence of sites in Turkey was on the Marmara and Black Sea coasts of Istanbul.

It started with the holiday villages that were built. In the beginning, it was a temporary place for weekend or summer holidays.

These houses, which were used as residential buildings, later became permanent residences with the development of the transportation network.

turned into residential buildings. Examples of such sites were later found especially in Ankara.

It has started to spread rapidly in cities such as:

  • One of the cities that best suits the idea of a site life intertwined with nature is Yalova.
  • Its strategic location, rich in blue and green, close to many areas and traffic
  • It is a comfortable city. It is one of the fastest developing and transforming cities in Turkey.


Investments have also played a significant role in the development of Yalova in recent years.

Yalova has been one of the favourite cities for local and foreign investors in recent years.

Omran Trk Chairman of the Board Abdülaziz KAŞİFOĞLU is in Yalova.

In 2017, its first project, Al-Moruj Project, consisted of 85 residences, detached villas and duplex flats

Cennet Yalova, which is a location embracing nature on the highest hill of Çınarcık district of Yalova province.

Apartments, including the ground floors, have sea views and special architectural features.

It has a unique design. It meets all the needs and wishes of families as a life inside compounds.

It is a project that has the facilities to meet the needs. Open and closed swimming pools are available within the site.

Pools, gym, Turkish bath, sauna, cafe, restaurant and 24-hour security service

The main purpose of Omran Trk Company is to integrate living and working areas into each other.

Living in full amenities compounds offers several advantages:

1. Convenience: These compounds often provide everything residents need within close proximity, including grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, and recreational facilities, reducing the need to travel far for daily necessities.

2. Security: Many compounds have controlled access points and security personnel, providing residents with a greater sense of safety and security compared to living in open neighbourhoods.

3. Community: With shared amenities like parks, pools, and clubhouses, residents have more opportunities to socialise and build a sense of community with their neighbours.

4. Maintenance: Maintenance of common areas and facilities is typically handled by the compound management, freeing residents from the burden of individual upkeep tasks.

5. Quality of Life: Access to well-maintained amenities such as parks, walking trails, and sports facilities can contribute to a higher overall quality of life for residents.

6. Exclusive Services: Some compounds offer additional services such as concierge, housekeeping, or shuttle services, adding to the convenience and comfort of living there.

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