OmranTRK participates in the opening of the "Yalova Health Center for Immigrants"

A new health centre was opened in the city of Yalova, northwestern Turkey,  aiming to provide treatment services to foreigners, including Iraqis, Syrians, and other nationalities residing in the city.

The health centre bears the name "Yalova Health Center for Migrants", within the framework of the health project signed in 2015 between the European Union and the Turkish Ministry of Health.

The opening ceremony of the new health centre in Yalova was attended by: the Governor of Yalova, the Director of Health in Yalova, the Director of Public Security in Yalova, the Director of the Immigration Department in the city, and a number of official, local and economic figures in the city, including Abdul Aziz Al-Kashef, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company. “Omran Trk” in Yalova.

The Director of Health in Yalova, Emre Eray, confirmed that the "Yalova Health Center for Migrants" will provide many benefits, especially in terms of health and preventive care, and will include a number of psychological and social workers.

He pointed out that the new health project is funded by the European Union and has been provided with a specialised staff with a high level of efficiency to provide optimal services to all foreigners residing in the city of Yalova, pointing out that there are 29 health centres to serve foreigners and immigrants in the provinces affiliated with Yalova.

He continued that these health centres can be described as “family health centres for foreign citizens,” indicating that the new health centre will be run by specialised doctors with a nursing staff with extensive experience in health work (2 doctors, a nurse, and a patient referral staff).

Commenting on this, Abdul Aziz Al-Kashif, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Omran Trk” Company, said: “The (Yalova Health Center for Immigrants) has been opened, where health personnel working within the scope of the health project that was signed with the European Union will work, with the participation of the distinguished governor Muammar Erol, Health Director Emrah Iray, Police Chief Goksel Topalulu, Gendarmerie Commander Mustafa Bekcepinar, Immigration Department Director Salih Soner Çukun and the rest of the attendees.”

He added, "My daughter's participation in attendance and in cutting the ribbon with our esteemed governor at the opening made me very happy, and we wish goodness and happiness to the immigrants residing in the city of Yalova."

The "Yalova Health Center for Migrants" is located in the "Ismet Pasha" area in Yalova, and will provide its services free of charge to all visitors.

The Turkish media and other Turkish sources praised this new health facility that was built in the Turkish city of Yalova.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish city of Yalova has witnessed tremendous developments in the recent period, and this is due to the fact that it has stunning natural resources and landscapes, as well as an intermediate location between the major Turkish states, in addition to a moderate climate and the availability of services, especially medical, health and educational.

One of the most prominent features of Yalova is that it is a centre for medical tourism, as its sulphurous mineral water, which is known in Turkiya as “İhlas Tatil Köyü,” is the first thing that attracts the attention of incoming visitors, and attracts them to it to seek treatment for skin diseases, joint, muscle, and colon diseases with its water. And other diseases.

Yalova also includes a group of leading health institutions and facilities in the health sector in Turkey, such as: Atakent Hospital and the Government Hospital.

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