Palestinian Property Ownership in Turkey: Laws, Conditions, and Investment Opportunities

Investment in the real estate sector in Turkey is described as one of the most prominent successful sectors that attracts the attention of investors of different nationalities, whether with the intention of owning real estate residency or obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Although the real estate sector is an attractive factor for those wishing to own property of various nationalities around the world, Turkish laws allowed nationalities to own real estate on their lands and prevented other nationalities from owning property for various reasons.

This article will shed light on the laws related to allowing Palestinians to own real estate or not in Turkey, and the most important conditions for Palestinians owning real estate in Turkey.

It must be noted at the beginning that a Palestinian holding an Egyptian, Lebanese, Jordanian, or Iraqi travel document has the right to own property in Turkey.

It must be noted that in 2012, the decision issued by the Turkish government was limited to allowing ownership in Turkey to Palestinians who hold a Palestinian passport (Palestinian Authority passport), and not others who hold a “travel document for Palestinian refugees.”

Under the aforementioned law, Palestinians who hold a Palestinian passport have the right to own property and buy real estate in Turkey without specifying the number of properties that a Palestinian can own, including all types of real estate without restrictions, with the exception of Palestinians buying land in Turkey, the condition of which is that it does not exceed the area of the land. 30 hectares.

Turkey recognized the “travel document for Palestinian refugees” as a travel document under which it granted tourist, study, or work residency, but it did not allow its holder to own real estate, until March 2019.

In March 2019, a circular was issued by the Turkish Civil Affairs Directorate stipulating that holders of Palestinian “travel documents” be allowed to purchase Turkish real estate, and also to apply for Turkish citizenship if they purchase a property that meets the conditions for naturalization.

Under the aforementioned law, identity documents and passports granted to Palestinians from other countries (such as a refugee travel document and others) were approved, without presenting the identity and passport issued by their home country of Palestine.

It stipulates that Palestinians who hold Lebanese, Egyptian, and Iraqi documents are allowed to own real estate in Turkey, and stipulates that the holder of the Palestinian document must obtain residency from the Immigration Department in order to accept this treatment.

Thus, foreign investors, including the Palestinian investor in Turkey who holds a Palestinian travel document, can obtain Turkish citizenship when purchasing an incomplete property for cash, after it was limited to completed properties only. He must also pledge to the real estate registry not to sell it for a period of 3 years.

This law also applies to other foreigners.

It should be noted that when submitting an application to purchase a property in Turkey, a Palestinian needs the approval of the Ministry of the Interior according to Turkish law, as ownership transfer transactions take place normally within the tax department for Palestinians who hold a Palestinian passport (Palestinian Authority passport), and the same applies to a Palestinian who holds a passport. Jordanian, where he is treated exactly like a Jordanian citizen.

Among the most important documents required for Palestinians to own a property in Turkey are: a tax number, a valid passport and a copy translated into Turkish, attestation of the passport copy from the Turkish Notary Department or through Turkish embassies and representations abroad, two personal photos, in addition to paying the property fees. Determined in accordance with Turkish law and the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Interior.

Palestinians can authorize another person to complete the process of owning the property in Turkey. In this case, the authorization must be made at a notary public, or through Turkish representations abroad.

Among the most important reasons that push Palestinians to buy real estate in Turkey are: the increase in the number of Palestinian immigrants to Turkey due to the poor economic conditions in the Gaza Strip, and the difficult economic conditions have made many Palestinians in Lebanon seriously consider residing in Turkey, and Turkey provides encouraging services for those wishing to own real estate. Such as obtaining a real estate residence permit that can be renewed annually, in addition to the cultural and social rapprochement between the Turkish and Palestinian communities and the facilities that Palestinians enjoy in Turkey.

Today, the Palestinian community is among the first to buy real estate in Turkey, as Palestine has maintained its presence on the list of the twenty communities most interested in real estate ownership in Turkey in the past five years, especially in 2019, as the percentage of Palestinian ownership in Turkey increased significantly.

In conclusion, Palestinian investors have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship like any foreign investor in Turkey through: real estate investment or purchase of real estate worth at least 400,000 US dollars, bank deposit of at least 500,000 US dollars, investment in Turkey in non-real estate sectors worth 500,000 US dollars. And employing 50 Turkish citizens.

Omran Trk Real Estate Development Company, based in the city of Yalova in northwestern Turkey, assures its clients of Palestinian nationality that it is ready to provide the necessary consultations on the most suitable real estate offers, whether for real estate residency or to obtain Turkish citizenship, in addition to distinctive investment offers, especially in the turkish city of “ Yalova”.

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