Sponsored by OmranTRK... a distinguished cultural event in Kuwait

OmranTRK Company sponsored a cultural event of a high level of importance, entitled “The signing ceremony of a group of books authored by Dr. Yassin Aktay,” in the presence of a number of Kuwaiti and Turkish diplomatic, political and media figures.

In addition to Dr. Yassin Aktay, the agent of Dar Akyol Publishing, Tariq Al-Shaya, the Kuwaiti academic, Dr. Jassim Al-Jazaa, and the academic at Kuwait University, Dr. Ali Al-Sanad, participated in the signing ceremony for the book collection.

OmranTRK was present at this event through the company’s representative in Kuwait and a member of its board of directors, Mr. Hamad Al-Ali.

The Turkish Ambassador to Kuwait, Aisha Hilal Sayan Kuytak, participated in this cultural event, which was sponsored by the OmranTRK Company, in addition to media sponsorship by the Turkish News Agency.

The representative of the OmranTRK company, Mr. Hamad Al-Ali, began the ceremony with an opening speech, in which he spoke about the importance of building bridges of communication between Turkey and Kuwait, and the developed relations between the two countries, in addition to a welcome speech from “Tariq Al-Shaya”, agent of “Akyol Publishing House”.

He added in his speech: “How happy we are to participate as sponsors of this valuable event, as we at OmranTRK Company are very keen to sponsor such forums that contribute to spreading culture in societies, because we believe that the more culture there is in societies, the greater awareness and safety.”

He continued, "OmranTRK Company, since its inception as a real estate company concerned with the field of construction and development in the Republic of Turkey, especially in the state of Yalova, where it has become a distinguishing mark among real estate companies through its distinctive projects through which it is keen to serve all tastes, has taken upon itself social responsibility through its participation." In all community events that serve the nation and the citizens, they carried the slogan of our success in achieving our community’s dream.”

He added, "In order for this dream to come true, the OmranTRK family has become a mixture of Turkish, Arab, and Gulf countries. Thanks to God, and through this mixture and harmony, we have been able to gain the trust of our customers and become what we have become. We will continue with this distinction and give, God willing."

Mr. Hamad Al-Ali thanked Dr. Yassin Aktai, saying, “I ask God to grant Dr. Yassin Aktai success for these writings, and that they benefit the country and the people.”

The ceremony, whose program was supervised by Turkish journalist and political analyst Hamza Tekin, included a dialogue session to discuss the titles and content of the books, with the participation of their author, Aktay, who answered the audience’s interactive questions, along with an elite group of Kuwaiti academics.

In his speech, Yassin Aktay praised this good initiative that supports building bridges of cultural communication and strengthening the bonds of affection and integration between Islamic peoples who are united by one religion and a history rooted throughout history, a common fate and an inevitable destiny, stressing the importance of rapprochement between peoples.

Following the dialogue session, a ceremony was held to sign the group of books and distribute them to the attendees, including politicians, writers, and intellectuals residing in Kuwait and abroad.

What was noteworthy was the participation of a large number of officials from the State of Kuwait, in addition to extensive coverage from the Kuwaiti and other media, led by Reuters and the Kuwaiti Community Channel, in addition to the remarkable participation of the director of Al Jazeera Channel in Kuwait as well.

The ceremony also witnessed an important presence by a number of OmranTRK customers in Kuwait, who praised OmranTRK’s distinguished sponsorship of this cultural event.

For her part, OmranTRK expressed her appreciation to all the customers who praised her and loved her in return through what they said about the company, whether during the period of receiving their residential apartments or during the waiting stage.

Since its establishment in 2016, the “OmranTRK” company has been able to leave its mark on Turkish society within a short period of its launch, with the testimony of a number of Arab and even Turkish figures, due to the successful economic and humanitarian projects it is carrying out in the Turkish “Yalova”, in addition to real estate projects in Yalwa

It is worth noting that during the event in Kuwait, seven books were signed: Islam in Turkey between heritage and modernity, Disengagement, the universality of Islam and the sources of secularisation, Sayyid Qutb between the extremism of his fans and the injustice of his critics, The Merchant of Religion is a model for exploiting religion for political purposes, and The Times of Charisma from a sociological perspective. Charisma, the land of Kanana, revolution and counter-revolution, and political, social and cultural change in Turkey.

It is noteworthy that Turkish-Kuwaiti relations are witnessing remarkable development in the most important areas, reflected in the official visits exchanged between officials of the two countries, and the accompanying agreements and understandings concluded.

Yasin Aktay: Turkish academic, politician, and writer, and advisor to the head of the ruling Turkish Justice and Development Party, and served as the official spokesman for the Justice and Development Party. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in 1990, a master’s degree in 1993, and a doctorate in 1997 from the Department of Sociology at the Middle East Technical University in the Turkish capital, Ankara. He has many books and publications that have been translated into several languages, the most important of which is Arabic.

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