The day of Turkish women

Today, Friday, Turkey celebrates International Women's Day, with congratulations pouring in on this occasion, which falls on March 8 of every year.

The strength of Turkish women is evident from the dawn of early history until the present moments of modernity and development, from the War of Independence in Çanakkale to achievements in academic circles and sciences, passing through their unparalleled influence in areas torn apart by earthquakes, all the way to their vital role in every aspect of life. .

Women are an example of love and compassion, and their presence in every aspect of our lives reflects the unparalleled determination, sacrifice, dedication, and devotion for the happiness of the individual and the family, and thus the entire society.

She also provides support through her multiple roles as mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Women are the cornerstone of society and the family, and a constant source of sacrifice, strength, solidarity and love.

 It is worth noting that one example of some of these prominent female figures in the modern history of Turkey is the first female Turkish parliamentarian, Hatti Sati Çerpan: Khati Sati Çerpan was born in 1890 in the city of Ankara. After the right to vote and run for women was granted in 1934, Çerpan ran for parliament in the first elections. She became a parliamentarian after this decision was issued in 1935, and Çerban succeeded in winning as the first Turkish female parliamentarian. Çerban died on March 21, 1956, and she held the title of the first Turkish female parliamentarian.

Developing women's protection

Turkey granted Turkish women the right to vote before many developed European countries in 1934, and is developing special laws to protect them.

On March 4, 2022, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a package of new laws to combat violence against women, which will soon be presented to the Turkish Parliament.

The Turkish Ministry of Justice prepared a new reform package some time ago, and the Turkish President indicated that the new system does not accept any behavior of perpetrators that does not contain tangible signs of remorse, and continued stalking, whether physically or online, will be treated as a crime punishable by law.

Women's support programs in Türkiye

Turkish law contains many provisions that help women in the field of work, related to retirement, tax benefits, compensation, and vacations. In the rapid support program, 100,000 liras of interest-free financial support are provided for each new job, and this amount increases by 10,000 liras if the employer or Women are workers.

Employers also receive additional support when they hire women, under the women-up project.

Women's support programs also include insurance programs and housing tax exemptions. Women are also entitled to maternity leave for 16 weeks (four months) and an hour and a half to breastfeed their child daily, in addition to the right to unpaid leave.

In addition to the above, Turkish law contains a clause to open a breastfeeding room in workplaces that include a certain number of women. The worker also receives an amount of 300 liras for her first child, 400 liras for the second, and 600 liras for the third child, and it varies according to the difference in their equivalent in US dollars.

 Turkey also developed a special application on smartphones to report violence against women, which it launched in 2018. It contains a flexible and fast operating system, and contains multiple languages, such as Turkish, English, Arabic, Persian, Russian, and French, and the case reported electronically by simply pressing the designated button.

 It is noteworthy that Turkey continues to activate the role and energies of women at all levels and fields. Since the Justice and Development Party took power in the country, the Turkish government has given importance to the role of women in general and veiled women in particular in society, and has worked to strengthen their position within the framework of the right to equal opportunities. It also enacted many decisions to protect veiled women.

 “Omran Trk” also celebrates by honoring the female members of “Omran Trk” and celebrating them by reminding them of the importance of their role in the development of society and the basic and important support that depends on them and all members of the “Omran Trk” family on this occasion.

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