To build bridges of communication... OmranTRK's administration meets with Yalova Police Department

Abdulaziz KAŞİFOĞLU, Chairman of the Board of OmranTRK company, headquartered in the "Yalova" in northwestern Turkey, made an important visit to the Police Department in Yalova.

These visits are part of a series of visits conducted by OmranTRK administration, within the framework of opening channels of coordination with the security, service, economic and investment authorities in Yalova, and to build bridges of communication with the aim of serving the city and advancing it with important current and future projects.

During the visit, "Kashef" met with "Goksal Topluoğlu" Chief of Police Department in Yalova, and discussed a number of important files in Yalova. The Chief of Police Department in Yalova expressed his warm welcome to "KAŞİFOĞLU" and to his accompanying delegation, praising at the same time OmranTRK company and the investment projects that support the Turkish economy in "Yalova" in particular and in Turkey in general.

During the meeting, Yalova’s Police Department Director, "Goksal Topluoğlu" tried to understand the reasons that prompted the OmranTRK company to choose the city of "Yalova" as its headquarters. "KAŞİFOĞLU" explained that " Yalova is one of the favorite Turkish regions, both for our company and for the visitors and tourists who visit Turkey annually.

KAŞİFOĞLU added that " Yalova is one of the open areas for development, in addition to being a city that enjoys a very important strategic location among many major Turkish cities."

"KAŞİFOĞLU" indicated that he is also a fan of the Turkish city of Istanbul, expressing at the same time that he is very happy to work in this quiet, safe, and promising region, in reference to the Turkish city of Yalova.

"KAŞİFOĞLU" thanked Yalova Police Department Director, "Goksal Topluoğlu",  for his generosity and his kind reception to the delegation of OmranTRK.

Yalova and its proximity to major Turkish cities

Yalova city has many advantages, its proximity to major Turkish cities is on top, as it is located in the middle of three major cities in Turkey, "Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmit". The importance of Yalova also comes due to its proximity to Istanbul, as it is approximately one hour away from Istanbul, whether by land or sea. It also takes a few hours to reach the cities of Ankara, Bursa, and Izmit from Yalova, which makes stability in Yalova desirable for many tourists, as well as businessmen and who wish to invest in Turkey, especially in Yalova, away from the crowded cities.

Important strategic location

Yalova is also characterized by its important strategic location and its distinctive view of the Marmara Sea, which makes it a tourist destination for tourists from various Arab countries and even from European and Western countries.

In addition, Yalova is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey, is famous for its important tourist attractions, including hot springs and waterfalls, which are located in the famous tourist area of ​​Termal. A place, for recreation and treatment at the same time, which annually receives hundreds of thousands of tourists.

One of the important areas in Yalova, Turkey, is the "Çınarcık" area, which is one of the most important summer resorts in Turkey and a destination for tourists in the summer, as it is characterized by its picturesque nature and its distinctive tourist attractions, which made it a distinguished place for the establishment of investment projects, especially in the real estate sector in Turkey, due to its location Your strategist in the arms of charming nature.

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