Turkey.. What is the difference between completed real estate projects and projects under construction?

Anyone who wants to own a property in Turkey is generally confused, between choosing a ready-to-move-in property and choosing a property that is still under construction.

In this article, we will present the difference between ready-made real estate or ready-made residential projects, and projects that are under construction.

Complete real estate projects

The projects in which the construction process has been finished completely, all its legal papers related to ownership have been completed and ready for housing, in a clearer sense, the projects in which the construction company has completed the construction process, which the keys to the apartments are ready for delivery, and the ownership contract are on the sitting table in the salon waiting for the new owner, and it is considered one of the preferred projects for many who want to buy an apartment in Turkey, or for those who do not have much experience in the real estate sector.

Advantages of ready real estate

Ready-made real estate projects have many advantages compared to projects under construction, including: velocity of obtaining title deed (Tapu), start speed of application for Turkish citizenship, velocity of revenue generation through leasing or investing in some way, which gives the customer the opportunity to verify all The services and infrastructure of the project, providing the ability to sell directly at any time, move to live in it directly and once owned, the property is ready in all aspects related to cladding, and when visiting the projects you can see the apartment and inspect it on the ground, therefore what you see is what You buy.

If you want to rent the apartment and benefit from its profitable return, you can rent it immediately after receiving it.

Real estate projects under construction

It means real estate that is still on the plan or on construction phase, or that is located within urban projects under construction, meaning that it is still in implementation and needs a time that varies depending on the stage the project has reached in construction or the residential complex in which the real estate is located. , which may need complete internal and external cladding, and it is only a structure, meaning that the shape in which you will see the property is temporary and you cannot determine its final form yet.

Owners of real estate projects under construction can sell it off-plan before they are ready, or before the completion of the connections, finishes, internal partition walls, and others.

Advantages of real estate under construction

One of the most prominent features of these residential projects is the lower prices compared to the prices of ready-to-move-in real estate.

Among other advantages: flexibility in the payment mechanism, meaning that most of the properties under construction are paid for in installments, as well as flexibility in the first installment payments, and these projects are suitable for everyone who wants to own property in Turkey but does not meet budget on an immediate basis, as buying them It is in installments by dividing the amount in the form of convenient payments for a long period of time relatively. It is characterized by its high value over time, which makes its rewarding return on investment, and a large negotiation margin in prices in order to motivate customers to buy.

Another advantage is that the tax imposed on the property under construction is lower compared to the pre-built and ready-made property, and when buying a property under construction, the advantage of designing, dividing and cladding the property is available in the form and style that suits the buyer, and guarantees the buyer that the property is modern and does not need to carry out any repairs or improvements or repairs.

Also, real estate under construction is the best option for those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey for investment, as it is possible to buy at a low price and wait until it is ready for housing and then sell it then to achieve investment profits, due to the continuous rise in real estate prices in Turkey and the entry of businessmen into the Turkish market in huge numbers .

And the property under construction may cost more money other than the ready property at the time of purchase, if the basic components of the property such as the location, area and type of property are the same, in addition to obtaining discounts and free offers offered by construction companies to support the investment process in the project, and bring the largest amount of money Investors or those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey.

The options available are many, in projects under construction, you will find more options in terms of location, floor, area, view, and modified to suit the customer.

And if the goal of the purchase is to obtain Turkish citizenship, then buying a property in Turkey under construction in this case is considered a successful option, because one of the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship is that the property should not be resold in Turkey until three years have passed, and here the investor can take advantage of this The condition is until the construction work is completed, and he resells the property in Turkey and achieves high profits.

In the midst of all the details mentioned about the difference between ready-to-move-in real estate projects and projects under construction, the "OmranTRK" company, through its working team in the city of "Yalova" in northwestern Turkey, is ready to present the best offers for real estate urban projects (ready or under construction), to all investors or those wishing to own a property in the Turkish city of "Yalova", through the projects it is working on, some under construction, and some that are ready to handover, which have received and still receiving remarkable demand from customers from various Arab and Western countries.

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