Why buy real estate in the Turkish Yalova?

The real estate sector in Turkiye is one of the most important sectors that attract the attention of investors and businesspersons, due to the package of factors and advantages that real estate enjoys in Turkey in general and in a number of tourist cities in particular, including the Turkish city of Yalova.

Day by day, the demand for real estate in Turkey is increasing, especially for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey.

It is considered that the city of yalova is one of the areas that investors and those wishing to own an apartment with excellent specifications are turning to, for a number of reasons behind this noticeable demand for real estate purchases in the Turkish "Yalova", the most important of which are:

  • Real estate prices in the Turkish "Yalova" are well studied, as any investor can buy a property similar to the one in Istanbul, for example, but at about half the price, which made the Turkish "Yalova" the focus of the attention of many money owners who want to buy real estate in Turkey.
  • The Turkish "Yalova" is characterized by its calmness and lack of congestion areas, and thus provides the transportation network with the best equipment, which ensures easy transportation.
  • Successful investment: "Yalova" is considered one of the Turkish cities that are growing in a clear upward manner, which makes the value of real estate in the city rise in a guaranteed manner with time, as a result of the development of services in it in particular and the improvement of the economy in all of Turkey.
  • Real estate in "Yalova" is characterized by the ease of renting it in a short time and at good prices due to the increasing demand for it.
  • Yalova has become, and due to the Turkish government's interest in it from various aspects, Turkey has become the first destination for housing and stability for the owners of many nationalities, especially the Gulf. Therefore, owning a property in Turkey in general and in Yalova in particular is one of the necessities of stability.
  • Owning a property in Turkey with a certain financial value guarantees the investor directly obtaining citizenship, and this is also available in the event of owning a property in the Turkish "Yalova".
  • One of the things that push investors to buy real estate in the Turkish "Yalova" is that it is one of the distinguished tourist destinations, its prices are reasonable compared to European and other tourist destinations, in addition to the fact that its climate is suitable for wandering and enjoying wonderful natural scenes, so we are witnessing a large trend, especially from Arab tourists today. They spend their vacation frequently in Yalova, which encourages them to own a property that makes it easy for them to stay and move around.

It should be noted that the increase in real estate prices in the Turkish city of "Yalova", with a guarantee of a profit margin when reselling and the possibility of finding a tenant with ease, is very encouraging to own and buy a property in it.

Also, "Yalova" contains a very diverse group of properties that suit each of the previous objectives, or that may combine several objectives in one property.

Omran Trk company, headquartered in the city of Yalova, is considered one of the companies that in a short period of time was able to make its mark in the real estate sector, and was able to gain the confidence of its customers of different nationalities through services related to the distinguished real estate projects that it works to praise in Yalova, in addition to provide the most appropriate offers to its various clients, while ensuring many related services, on top of which are the procedures for owning real estate.

Real estate investment in the Turkish "Yalova" complies with the criteria of "successful investment" because:

  • Excellent geographical location and a unique view (marine / mountain / green spaces), and this is available in the projects of the "Omran Trk" company, the most important of which is the "Cennet Yalova" compound.
  • Property specifications: in terms of the real estate area, the number of rooms and other services available, especially with regard to recreational facilities, parking, elevators, security and other services in residential real estate, and this can be seen in the "model apartment" offers offered by "Omran Trk" company to its clients.
  • Real estate price and allocated budget: where real estate prices in Turkey vary, allowing different foreigners to own property in Turkey, regardless of the value of their budget.
  • Profitable returns: It is important for the investor, or who wants to buy an apartment in Yalova, to conduct a feasibility study of the property in terms of the extent to which it achieves high profits and investment returns, while the profitability returns in the real estate sector in the Turkish "Yalova" is both higher and more promising compared to real estate returns in other cities.
  • The real estate company: If the choice of the company to deal with it is considered one of the most important elements of successful investment in Turkey in general and in "Yalova" in particular, and this slogan is characterized by "Omran Trk" and it is "safe investment in the heaven of earth."
  • Turkish government support for investment in Yalova: It is clear that the real estate market in Turkey, especially in the city of "Yalova", will witness more prosperous days than its predecessors, thanks to the promising large projects that the government is working on, and therefore The existence of such projects and the completion of their construction on the ground will directly cause an increase in the demand for real estate and thus a new rise in prices.

It is noted from the above, that the Turkish city of "Yalova" is one of the best cities to invest in the real estate sector in Turkey, and one of the best cities for tourism of all kinds (medical tourism, winter tourism, etc.).

It should be noted that "Omran Trk" provides all its clients with the best advice to obtain a successful real estate investment offer, in addition to the fact that its team conducts real estate tours with the investor to find out all the specifications of the property from space to lighting and services, which makes the investor determine the most appropriate option for his goals and budget, in addition to ensuring them With all the legal, administrative and financial procedures for ownership, issuance of residency for the foreign investor and his family, and taking care of the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship if the investor desires.

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