With the advent of the holy month, OmranTRK begins a humanitarian initiative in coordination with Turkish authorities in Yalova

OmranTRK company, headquartered in Yalova, northwest of Turkey, has started distributing "Ramadan baskets" to a number of Arab and Turkish families targeted in the city.

 This initiative, which Imran Turk continues to pursue as part of its annual program, comes with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, in order to meet some of the needs of the targeted families and help them with the costs of the holy month of Ramadan.

 OmranTRK mobilized the work team and all its cadres, with the aim of sending boxes containing foodstuffs to the widest segment of needy families in the region.

Along with OmranTRK, the Immigration Department in the city also participated in this campaign, in addition to all municipalities spread throughout the city, especially the Municipality of Yalova, and the Municipality of Çınarçık.".

The distribution was in the first phase to the municipalities and the Endowment Charitable Society, and in the second phase, the distribution was carried out in cooperation with the Immigration Department through mobile field teams in the surrounding areas of the city with the aim of helping any family in need during the holy month.

The number of relief baskets that OmranTRK intends to distribute during the month of Ramadan is more than 650.

On this initiative, AbdulAziz Al-Kashef, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OmranTRK, said, "We all have the responsibility to extend a helping hand and support families without breadwinners or families of orphans during the month of mercy and forgiveness."

"What is remarkable is the efforts made by the Turkish authorities on our side, which are racing, as usual, to do good, especially the Turkish Immigration Department and the municipalities," he added.

He continued, "In the month of Ramadan of every year, we are used to preparing humanitarian programs, including the Ramadan baskets distribution project, in addition to many initiatives and plans that we are working on economically, service, and relief in Yalova."

 The relief program that OmranTRK is working on will continue until the 3rd of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Since its establishment in 2016, OmranTRK company has been able to leave its mark on the Turkish community within a short period of its launch, with the testimony of a number of Arab and even Turkish personalities, due to the successful economic and humanitarian projects it is carrying out in the Turkish "Yalova", in addition to real estate projects in Yalova.

Yalova is one of the most desirable areas to invest in real estate in Turkey, as it is an important tourist and investment destination for businessmen and investors.

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