Yalova in the field of culture and art

Yalova, known as the city of sports, art, tourism, nature and culture, touches and hosts every moment in every district. It is a small city with many features, but it is also very big in terms of what it contains.

As it is known that Yalova is a province that constantly receives immigration, there was a significant increase in its population after it became a province as a result of these migrations. Although Yalova is a prominent province due to its proximity to many surrounding provinces, it also has social and cultural ties with many world cities such as South Korea, Bulgaria and Romania, as sister cities.

Various events are organized in Yalova Province from the beginning of July until the end of July, especially the liberation of Yalova on August 19. These events include various activities such as exhibitions, interviews, competitions, performances and public concerts. There are various associations for culture and arts in Yalova, and cultural and artistic life develops within the framework of these associations. There are a total of 435 associations throughout Yalova Province. The total number of members is 27,227. The number of associations and branches working for public benefit is 19 associations. The organizations affiliated with the Culture and Arts Committee of Yalova City Council work to develop and develop the life of the city and produce many projects and ideas. Some of these associations are:

TUFAG (Tourism, Folklore, Research and Development Association)

TUFAG is an association founded in 1984 to conduct folklore research and folk dance studies and has achieved great success since its founding. It proudly represented our city in the competitions held this year, first in the province and then in the region. It gives us the opportunity to host many different cultures by hosting many different countries with the festivals they organize every year in the summer months.

YAFEM (Yalova Folklore Education Center)

It is an association founded in 1988 and laid its foundations to contribute to the development of folklore, conduct research and education, and endear Turkey’s wealth to the younger generation. Yalova Folklore Education Center and Youth and Sports Federation (YAFEM) represented Turkey at the 29th International Hydrilis Spring Festival held in Valandova, North Macedonia.

North Caucasus Cultural Association

The goal of the association, which was founded in 1979: It was established to give people of Caucasian origin living in Yalova the opportunity to develop their traditions, culture, customs and folkloric values and contribute to Yalova in terms of culture and arts. This association also plays a major role in organizing courses for young people to prepare for colleges of fine arts and education and helping them start their educational careers.

YASAD (Yalova Artistic Theater Association)

The association was established in 1989. It carries out various theatrical activities and provides theatrical training, especially for women, children and youth.

Turkish Cuisine Week “Menu of Turkish Cuisine in Yalova with Centuries-Old Recipes” presented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was held in Yürüyen Köşk. Foods and sweets that are said to be unique to Yalova were served at the event. Yalova milkshake, thermal wrap, Yalova kebab with puff pastry and thermal pudding, which was patented in Yalova and said to be made in Yalova, were served to the participants. In addition to corporate events, Yalova also hosts several firsts as a boutique city. Cocoon dishes, which were an art that was easily practiced by the public during the Ottoman period, are taught today by artists who have sufficient equipment and knowledge in the matter, with the decision to re-teach the forgotten arts and transfer them to the future. While sericulture was carried out in Yalova even 15 years ago, today revival efforts have begun within the scope of the project. The cocoon manufacturing course was opened for the first time in the city of Yalova as a course approved by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Turkey with the support of the Directorate of Culture and Tourism in the province and is still ongoing.

It took its place in Termal at the 25th EMITT Fair, which is among the five largest touring fairs in the world. A platform was set up to promote Termal Wailua at the EMITT exhibition held at Tuyap Exhibition and Convention Center from February 9 to 12. The sector will never end and will develop further, said people who attended the EMITT exhibition to promote the potential of thermal tourism, increase tourism in the region and contribute to its promotion. The same platform as EMITT' In 2015, the area was presented with the sink in the bathrooms, a symbol of Termal.

In addition to the mentioned organizations, festivals or concerts are held every year in Yalova, if conditions permit. This year, famous names took the stage at the YuniFest 2022 jointly organized by Yalova Municipality and Yalova University. The municipality also stated that such events will continue throughout the summer.

In the field of painting, the painting exhibitions, which started with “77 Canvas 77 Brushes Yalova” within the scope of the 7 to 77 online project Altınova in 2018 and continued with the 81 Canvas 81 Districts exhibition in 2019, will continue at the international level. This year's level after the Covid-19 pandemic. Frequent exhibitions by valuable artists and students are held in schools in Yalova, and in addition, art talks are regularly held in different areas of Yalova.

In the field of theatre, Yalova hosts theatrical performances whenever possible, and regularly hosts theater enthusiasts for plays by children and adults alike. Theater Week was also celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Raif Dincock Cultural Center.

As a result of these associations, cultural events and wealth, Yalova deserved the award for the most successful contribution to the cultural industry this year.

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